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History of Banaras

In Hindu Mythology, Kashi was founded by Hindu God Shiv (Shiv is one of the Gods in Tridev). In Tridev, there are three Gods Shiv, Brahma & Vishnu.

Many Centuries ago, there was a war between the two big Hindu Gods. The two Hindu Gods are Shiv and Bramha. The fight goes too long because both gods have much big power. Both Gods have their own separate work and separate powers, just like Lord Shiv is who destroys the universe and Lord Bramha creates the universe.

Lord Brahma had five heads. One of them has lost during a fight with Lord Shiv. Lord Shiv separated one head of Brahma from their five heads, that is, torn Brahma’s head. As it is our old tradition that the winner goes to his kingdom with the winning head in his hand and demonstrates his solarism by showing that head to his people. Shiv always kept Brahma’s head with him and his head fell on Kashi’s ground one day. Bramha’s head suddenly disappeared after falling on the ground, due to which Kashi started being considered a very holy place.

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