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Know the History of Sankat Mochan Temple of Varanasi


The history of the Sankat Mochan Temple of Kashi, which is included in the historical temples of the country, is about 400 years old. In this temple, Hanuman had appeared to Ram Bhakta Goswami Tulsidas, after which Bajrangbali was established here after taking the form of clay. It is said that this temple was built between maybe 1631 and 1680. It was founded by Tulsidas. It is believed that when he was writing Ramcharitmanas while living in Kashi, his inspiration was Sankat Mochan Hanuman. It is said that all the devotees of the devotees who come here get away from the mere sight of Hanuman.

According to religious belief, Tulsidas used to go across the Ganges after bathing. There was a dry acacia tree there. In such a situation, whenever he went to that place, he used to pour a lot of water. Gradually, that tree started becoming green. One day while pouring water, Tulsidas found a ghost on the tree. He said- ‘Do you want to meet Ram? I can introduce you to him. ‘At this, he asked astonishingly- ‘How can you meet me with Ram?’ That ghost told that for this you have to meet Hanuman. There is a temple of Rama at Karnaghanta in Kashi. There will be leprosy sitting in the last, there is Hanuman. Hearing this, Tulsidas immediately went to that temple.

It is said that as soon as Tulsidas went to meet the leprosy patient, he left from there. Tulsidas also followed them. Today the area which is called eighty was earlier called Anand Kanan Forest. On reaching here, he thought that now the forest has come, do not know how far this person will go. In such a situation, he grabbed her leg and said that you are Hanuman, please give me darshan. After this, Bajrangbali gave him darshan and at his request, he took the form of clay and established it, which is now known as Sankat Mochan Temple.

Tulsidas is said to be an integral devotee of Hanuman. Once Tulsidas’s arm began to suffer, he started complaining to him. He said that ‘You remove all the problems, will not remove my suffering.‘ After this, he got angry and wrote Hanuman Bahuk. It is said that only after writing this book, his suffering ended.

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