Varanasi/Kashi Ghats Unbelievable History at only Jano Banaras

varanasi ghats history

old kashiold shri kashi vishwanath templevaranasi ghats historyKashiIn Varanasi, Ghats are very important for people because these ghats are so old and some of the ghats are very old which no one knows when they build. These ghats the banks of the River Ganges. There are more than 100 ghats in this city. Some of the ghats are used for bathing and some of the ghats are used for puja ceremony. The two ghats are used exclusively as cremation sites.

In 18 century, most of the ghats in Kashi were rebuilt when the city came under the Maratha rule. Many ghats were used in private ownership while many ghats are believed to be associated with legends or mythology. In the early morning, bathing in the Ganges on the ghats of Kashi is considered very auspicious. Also, people enjoy the ghats by taking a boat ride in the morning and it is also a popular visitor attraction.