Why Banaras is so special? and why you should come to Varanasi city?

Why Banaras is so special? and why you should come to Varanasi city?

Let us know what is so special in Banaras that forces you to come to Varanasi city.

Hello friends, here you will get the answer to all your questions. I am Raj Chaubey and I tell you everything that you want. Varanasi is not a city, it is the heart of India. Where people’s hearts are located. This city does not belong to any one caste. Rather, every person who lives in this city. And there are many reasons to come here. There are many things in Banaras that we cannot tell but feel.

In this city, you can visit temples which are so old, museums where you can see unique and antique things. There also parks, hotels, malls, and many other places. Jano Banaras is a not website. It is a place where people get all queries to answer and support related to tourism. We also give you the best tour packages.

Let us talk about the reason for coming to Benares.

In this article, we will talk about 09 reasons to visit Varanasi city. So, let’s start to discuss each reason.

1. Temples

top 10 things do in Varanasi

In the city of Varanasi, there are many temples. You will definitely find one temple everywhere or at every intersection. The reason for getting the temple everywhere is the attachment of people to God’s whole heart. These temples are unique and some temples have originated on their own. In this city, you find most of the temples based on Hindu God Shiv.

If talking about the whole world, the Lord Shiv is a god which have more power compared to other gods. Varanasi city is a holy city and people call this city ‘shiv ki Nagari’ and ‘Mahadev ki Kashi’.

The temple of Varanasi city is very popular in India. Some of the temples are very popular in the world. The temple’s name is Shir Kashi Vishwanath Temples, Shri Annapurna Devi Mandir, Baba Kaal Bhairav, and much more.

2. Museums

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A museum is a place where people get to see old things. Whether the museum is big or small, everyone has their own importance. From the museum, we get to know knowledge, old memories, and more.

There are also some museums in Banaras which are famous all over the world. And people come from far and wide to see these museums. There is a museum in Sarnath which is very famous in the world because you will get all the information related to Buddha here. So Jano Banaras opinion is you should come to see this museum. If you are interested to see historical things then you have a chance to gain your knowledge.

3. Tourist Places


In the Banaras, there are so many tourist places where the public can visit. In this place have own importance. For this importance, people are come to roam from any place. In Varanasi, the tourist place is assi ghats, Sarnath, Shri Kashi Vishwanath temples, and much more places. This type of place is called a tourist attraction place.

Usually, we like to go to those places where we want to go. Tourist places can be anything like temples, parks, malls, fort, and others. So come to Varanasi to see all the tourist places, in which you are more interested, you should see it first.

4. Varanasi Ghats

top 10 things do in Varanasi

Ghats is the main part of the city where any river is an exit. Because these ghats are used for bathing, tourism purpose, enjoying the evening time, and much more. In Varanasi, the ghats are very important in our life. There are above 100 ghats are exist. Most of the ghats are very popular in the world or India.

Tourists come for enjoying the ghats in the morning and evening time. The tourist or students are come for doing the studying, sketching, yoga, exercise, and much more things. In the 18th century, most of the Varanasi Ghats were rebuilt for public use. So come and see the Varanasi Ghats.

5. Sweets

top 10 things do in Varanasi

Sweets are such a food item that one gets satisfied by eating. Dessert completely changes the taste of your mouth. There is a good and long list of sweets in our Benaras. Here you will get all kinds of sweets. In Banaras, such sweets are also available which will not be available all over the world soon. Even if you get it, you will not get the taste you got in Benaras. If you come to this city or planning to come to this city then you must eat the sweets at Varanasi. The popular sweets are Malaiyyo, Rasmalai, Thandai And Lassi, Kaju Pista Burfi, &, etc.

6. Street Foods

top 10 things do in Varanasi

Now we come to talk about Varanasi street foods. Generally, street foods are available on the street or road. In Varanasi, the street foods are awesome taste. You will find street food everywhere in Banaras City. You can get street foods in a minibus, trolley, and shop. So, come to Varanasi and enjoy street foods.

7. Banarasi Sarees

Why Banaras is so special? and why you should come to Varanasi city?

Banarasi sarees are very popular in the world. It is a fully designed saree. Banarasi sarees are heavy. Because its thread is very strong and thick. Because of which Banarasi sarees last for a long time. Banarasi saree is very popular because its captivating design captivates everyone. Banarasi saris were worn in the olden days by maharanis, princesses, and women of big families. So if you buy clothes and keep them dry, then your Banarasi saree must be tried once.

8. Banarasi Paan

Why Banaras is so special? and why you should come to Varanasi city?

Banarasi Paan is a special paan of Banaras city. This paan is only available in Varanasi City. Banarasi Paan is a sign of happiness, love, and hospitality. A long time ago, paan has been served as a traditional style. Banarasi paan use in marriages, events, festivals, and much more. Banarasi paan is available in various types and flavors. It’s an awesome taste for making a fresh mood. So, Jano Banaras suggestion is that you must try this Banaras Paan.

9. Festivals

Why Banaras is so special

Festivals is not an event, it is the main part of our life. Because without festival our life looks like as black & white. Festival gives us happiness, best remember moments, and enjoyable time. Sometimes we do lots of works at festivals. Sometimes we do hard work before the festivals. But the festival day we get all energy to come back for enjoying the festival’s day.

In Varanasi, there are so many festivals celebrate. One of the festivals is Diwali. On Diwali, people are buying new things. For example clothes, jewelry, the vessel, accessories, home appliances, and much more things.


Jano Banaras says you must come to Varanasi City for enjoying life. Because there are many other things in this city which are above our expectations.

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